Treasure Box Designs

Treasure Box Designs

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Trip to the Dentist

Hi Everyone! Today this layout I am sharing with you is using Multiple files from Treasure Box Designs.  I think taking a few files and making them into something different always makes my layouts unique and not the same thing you see on Ebay. 

First all the "Stand" is the Shelf from the "Once Upon a Potty" file
I then added the Teeth knobs from the Treasure Tot Denny File and the floss, Toothbrush and Toothpaste that was from The Braces make Beautiful Faces.

The little girl in the Chair you can find her in "Hair Collection"

For the picture frames I just took a standard shape from My Scal and enlarged teeth from off of the Denny's Coat.  His eyes are just ovals and rounded dots. 

This layout has (4) Triple Layered Photo Mats and 1 Journaling Tag. I find it important to get as many Picture Spots as I can on a layout I love My Scrapbooks but don't like them to bare or overcrowded. 
This Layout is now on Ebay, I am under "ScrapbookinMomma13"or simply Search "Elite4u" my Ebay Group Name, to see this layout now for sale.

Also you can find me on Facebook at

Thanks for Viewing :)

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